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Miranda Neville
  Sexy Sophisticated Historical Romance  

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Lady Windermere's Lover

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"A smart, witty and emotionally dense love story that explores friendship and trust along its passionate and compelling journey."  Kirkus

"Neville employs a tried and true plot line and punches it up with engaging characters, an art mystery and lively escapades, which will keep readers holding their breaths in anticipation of the climax. Add sensuality and a dollop of humor, and you’ve got a delightful read."  
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Coming December 30, 2014

The Duke of Dark Desires

featuring Julian Fortescue, Duke of Denford


News and Random Thoughts

07/04/2014 10:23 AM
Designing Heroes

I've been reading the latest volume in Loretta Chase’s Dressmakers series and enjoying the clothes. The three Noiret sisters run a high-class dressmaking establishment in 1830s London and the gowns play an active role in the stories – beyond being removed by the heroes. Readers of The TwoNerdyHistoryGirls blog know how devoted Chase and her cohort Isabella Bradford are to costume history. It... read more

06/13/2014 05:46 AM
Join my Postcard Mailing List

I've started a new mailing list to announce my new releases. Email me with your actual snail mail address and I will send you a postcard near release day. Do you read digitally? I still buy printed books but these days I read most fiction on my Kindle. It means I don't see either the covers or the book descriptions, except when I buy the book. My postcards will be of full color cover images so... read more


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